For the Love of Sports!
For the Love of Sports!
Well hello there. I'm Aly, 20, and from Southern California.

UCLA Sophomore.

Things I love: Hockey. Patrick Kane. Chicago Blackhawks. New England Patriots. Blue Mountain State. Anything UCLA related. Motocross. Grey's Anatomy. Avenged Sevenfold. Writing.

If I played hockey, I'd be a pretty damn good goalie.

Instagram: aly_loveee
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look at that body, i work out" - jonathan toews, probably

I was told to brace myself for Tazer’s ice bucket challenge, but somehow I just didn’t brace myself enough. 

I went in unprepared and still haven’t recovered

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nice face kaner


nice face kaner

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"Just a heads up, some of our guys are… a little bit different."  

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I want my kitty… I didn’t say you could keep him and I don’t want him living in a fucking car.

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I too am self smarted basically by myself

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TPB is hands down one of the best shows ever created.

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kill me


kill me

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Some Shirtless Charlie for you all ;)